DMV Photo Booths 4 Sale

We Offer 20 Hours Of Training With Your Purchase
10 hours of technical training and 10 hours of business training and this also includes (but not limited to) the following:
 About Us
Contact Us

Accounting Forms
Business Processes
Contract Samples
Email Templates
Government Forms
Marketing Information
Operational Manuals
Systems Information
Team Training 
We provide an array of forms that help you keep up with your finances in your new business venture. This ranges from client payments to business revenue 
Our business processes are no secret. We walk you from sending out estimates/quotes to our post-sales process. We offer a solid foundation for you to build and innovate from.
Our contracts are your contracts. See how we interact with our clientele from a legal perspective. Get your packages and terms set in stone with contract that are ready for your letterhead.
We get tons of emails everyday and we also have specific things (payment information,  photo booth customization form, etc.)  that our clients have to fill out and return to us.  Without email templates that job would be a big hassle and we want your job to be as easy as possible
If you often work in multiple states like we do in the DMV area, keeping track of different state tax rates can be very confusing.  Our forms can help you navigate this type of problem with ease
How do you get your business out there to public so you can begin filling your calendar with events? Getting a website and business cards is a start.  We will give you more in-depth information to help with visibility in the public eye.
In our day-to-day operations we work with a lot of different hardware and software.  All of which can become overwhelming but with the manuals for these things a solution is never far away.
We offer our own interpretation of the different systems we work with along with the manufacturers' and developer's.  So instead of one interpretation you get two all with your purchase. 
If after your booth purchase you need training in how to properly use your new product, we will train you!  If you have new employees in your budding business we will train them as well.  This includes both software, hardware, and business processes training
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