DMV Photo Booths 4 Sale

Distinctive Party Pictures & Portable Photo Booth
Become your own boss and a lucrative weekend business when you purchase a portable photo booth from DMV Photo Booth Rentals 4 Sale in Lanham, Maryland. Make up to $1,500 per event by offering others a way to take unique party photos
Mobile Unit
Transport your unit in a two door sedan. Your comes in three parts: Top Cabinet dimensions are 23.5" w X 26"h x 11" d and weights 50 lbs. The Bottom cabinet dimensions are 23.5" w X 26" h x 15" d and weights 65lbs.  The Top Cabinet houses the Touch Screen and Camera. The Bottom Cabinet houses the laptop and the high in Sub Dye-Sublimation printer. The Photo Booth Tent is a 5' x 5' pop up tent. Booth units have pull out handles like luggage for easy transport into venues.
Sharing Photos
From a black tie affair to a child's birthday, your booth takes pictures to match any event.  Set up your camera to take different shots in black and white or color. You can even shoot on a green or blue screen, or in open air.

Guests will love the fun props in each package.  They can even upload memories to social media!
Hit the ground running in your new venture with the features of this package for $7,995. Your purchase pays for itself quickly and includes:
  • ​22" Touchscreen
  • Wrinkle-Free Instant Canopy
  • Red Velvet Backdrop
  • Tent Enclosure (5'X5')
  • Dell™ Inspiron Computer
  • Sample Contracts
  • List of Suppliers

  • Built-in Cooling Fans in Both Cabinets
  • Setup & Troubleshooting Guide
  • Google™ AdWords Campaign
  • Customers Emails
  • Event Management Software(in Development)
  • Merchant Accounts
  • Marketing Information
  • Canon® T3i DSLR Camera
  • Breeze Systems or Darkroom Photo Booth Software
  • How-To Guide for Invoices & Contracts
  • How-To Guide for Events, Clientele, & Financing
  • Training Guide
  • High-Speed Dye Sublimation Digital Photo Printer
  • 20 Hours of Training (10 on Business Consulting and 10 on Technical Operations of the Booth)
Increase Your Profits
Make an easy up-sell to your clientele with our video package. For an additional $500, we include a video option. Guests can record a 30-second video message.  With your upgrade comes extra equipment.  Record high-quality videos with a Canon T3i DSLR camera, a canceling microphone, and an adapter 
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